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MP SHIELD protects against dry patch formation by conditioning soil and significantly increases water use efficiency.

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Active Ingredient: 100 % w/v long chain polymeric wetting agent concentrate


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• MP SHIELD significantly increases water use efficiency
• reduces water loss by creating an even wetting front
• hydrophylic action holds water to prevent dry patch
• Lipophylic action stops leaching of valuable wetters
• MP SHIELD drains wet soils to return air to pore spaces
• Stable polymeric wetter is extremely safe to turf
• MP SHIELD has a versatile blend of actives – curative and preventative

MP SHIELD helps speed penetration of applied moisture, as well as protecting soil against dry patch by ensuring uniform rewetting for an extended period – from 1-3 months depending on soil type and application rate. To further boost water holding in free draining soils, apply MP SUSTAIN 7-10 days after MP SHIELD has been applied. By reducing surface tension, MP SHIELD increases the coverage of water around individual soil particles and holds it for use by plant roots. At the same time MP SHIELD promotes the drainage of free soil water to allow the return of air to soil pore spaces.

MP SHIELD can be used on all soils, from heavy clays to pure sands. Wherever turf roots inhabit soil, the oils and organic residue they leave provide an opportunity for MP SHIELD to bind and remain, working longer and stronger than conventional wetting agents.

Dry patch results when soils approach wilting point and soil fungi produce waxy secretions that coat surrounding soil particles. Hydrophobicity results and presents as isolated areas of hard to wet soil. Subsequent runoff and ‘fingering’ at the wetting front causes turf to wilt and eventually die.

MP STRIKE enhances penetration which is a fundamental requirement for soil moisture care.
When both penetration and protection against dry patch is required, the solution is MP SHIELD.
To promote soil moisture holding on free draining soils, MP SUSTAIN is designed as a booster to extend the gap between irrigation events.
MP TRIPLEPLAY combines all three products in a dry granular form.

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    A liquid wetting agent to increase infiltration and water holding capacity for the prevention of localised dry patch. A MATCHPLAY product.