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. Greenspace Design, Construction and Redevelopment

Carrying capacity of turf playing fields can be dramatically increased, through attention to surface level uniformity, drainage, turf species selection, root zone soil amendment, systemized irrigation, and cultural turf management programming. The specification of such greenspace redevelopment, should begin with evaluation of all of these features. Only then can a specification be developed for construction – because all sites are different.

Our university-trained experts, along with our specialist partners, can deliver a complete consultation to assist with greenspace construction or redevelopment. Over the past 20 years we have assisted in the redevelopment of more than 50 sports field projects of this type. These projects are our bread and butter, so if greenspace design and specification is on your radar, we’d love to help.

. Consultancy to ensure sports field success

Professional guidance is critical to ensure the most important aspect of your field construction project – the playing surface – is designed, planned, and delivered accurately. Each element of your sports field construction can be advised by Living Turf’s specialist consultants, beginning with understanding your needs, as community recreation facilities will have different performance standards to stadium grounds.

Our consultancy service delivers advice, recommendations and suggestions for an appropriate turf plan, considering your current and future needs, budget, resources, conditions and climate. Our experts will survey your grounds, undertake feasibility studies, conduct soil and water tests, and identify any concerns and risks associated. We outline every detail and piece of information to help you make initial turf decisions before we continue to assist you with the design and installation of your turf.

. Shaping quality sports field surfaces

Living Turf’s sports field consultancy service provides guidance and advice for the construction of new fields from qualified and experienced specialists with a wealth of knowledge. Our irrigation designers, soil lab technicians, draftspersons, earthworks specialists and material experts can ensure your project is designed, planned and executed for its ongoing success.

Before construction, we conduct survey plans to plot existing heights and surface levels and establish a cut and fill model for accurate materials estimations for a levelled surface. Following this, our irrigation designers create plans and designs of primary and secondary drainage and irrigation systems, critical to maintaining your turf and ensuring its playability and performance. Our earthworks specialists work to exact specifications to enable construction that facilitates optimised irrigation and even turf surfaces.

By investing in preparation and installation of turf to exact specifications, you will ensure the ongoing quality and performance of your field and save money down the line.

. Sports field redevelopment consultancy

Our clients require field redevelopment for multiple reasons – from transforming poor conditions, restructuring their facility, launching newly purchased properties, or changing their playing surface’s size, shape, and performance. Living Turf provides a comprehensive sports field redevelopment consultancy to transform your facility into a high-quality, top-performing turf that matches your needs, budget and vision.

Top-notch redevelopments must also consider how turf quality can be maintained while reducing wastage and cost. We work with current turf managing clients, discussing their requirements and maintenance capabilities – to enable a redevelopment plan that not only meets their expectations but that is convenient and cost-effective for them to manage over time.

. Redeveloping existing sports fields

A Living Turf redevelopment consultation gets into the intricacies of what your development needs to achieve, the characteristics of the finalised surface and how you envision success for your facility. This knowledge will structure an informed consultation service that helps you optimise the advice and guidance from our experts.

Typically, this process involves conducting tests and surveys on the existing soil, turf, water and climate conditions. From here, our specialist consultants can devise suggestions and recommendations on high-quality turf solutions aligned to your budget, requirements and other constraints.

With this data, agronomists liaise with our specialised sales representatives with extensive knowledge on quality turf products and their suitability for various needs to encompass suitable turf options and selections. We can establish a pragmatic agronomic program that considers your current and future needs so ongoing maintenance is optimised and your turf remains at its highest quality and performance continuously. And then, if you need your redevelopment project managed by experienced turf installation managers, we can do that too!

. Sports field assessments

Sports field assessments are invaluable to support the management of fields to sporting code safety and playability standards. With consultation from one of our qualified professionals, you’ll gain a comprehensive overview of the conditions of your field, and its playability. We use modern technology and standardised protocols to ensure consistency and deliver user friendly reporting that can be shared with stakeholders at all levels.

. Project management

Living Turf provides hands-on project management teams to oversee critical processes and work closely throughout sports field construction and redevelopment, ensuring installation is aligned to plans. Our team can stage gate and assess the quality and accuracy of contractors’ work and communicate critical aspects, so the team operates with a collective goal.

. How can we help you?

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