turf becomes much easier to manage with the right data

. Crack the case with Turf Forensics ® 

Digital tools for turf management have emerged as a means of informing greenkeepers in the art of producing better turf surfaces. The Turf Forensics resource centre is where you will find all the tools you’ll need with interactive digital platforms that include: myResults,® myClimate,® myApply,® POGO,® TurfKeeper,® and IPOS.®

Turf Forensics membership, helps you to plan and manage your agronomy programs, and environmental response strategies, in real-time, and in collaboration with your Living Turf agronomist. It also serves to educate your team, to meet turf health concerns instantly, by having all the data you need in the palm of your hand.

. Better data 24/7

myResults is the platform that delivers complete and immediate visibility of test data – storing soil, water and plant health results securely online while simultaneously developing visual insights and data interpretation. Turf managers can compare test results with past results to understand how turf responds to current treatment programs. Access myResults 24/7 self-managed access levels allow a seamless interface between your Living Turf agronomist and your whole team.

. Your microclimate at your fingertips

myClimate is a mobile friendly app that helps you to understand and predict the impact of the current climatic conditions on your turf surfaces.  Weather data feeds are run through locally developed and validated prediction algorithms, allowing an accurate 3-day prediction of disease risk and Growing Degree Days (GDD) ensuring accurate and actionable intel in real time. By investing in a state of the art onsite weather station, your data and alerts are fine tuned to your microclimate and totally unique.

. Streamline your compliance when spraying and spreading

myApply allows you to streamline your compliance when spraying and spreading. Let myApply help you plan, execute, validate and securely store your on-site spraying and spreading application records. myApply is mobile device friendly making it easy to use when you are on the go.

. Accurate Turf Insights direct to your phone

Decision-making to apply water, nutrients and cultural practices has never been more precise.  POGO Pro+ measures important surface parameters accurately and displays a comprehensive visual report of the entire area. Combining GPS hardware with intelligent mapping and scientific analytical software, POGO delivers accurate and reliable insights into turf conditions on a mobile application. Living Turf exclusively supplies and services POGO in Australia.

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. Makes turf management a breeze

TurfKeeper is an integrated planning and reporting platform to assist turf professionals to manage their facilities’ business needs. Record details, store information and notes, plan the management calendar, assign tasks to staff and record stock movements and machinery maintenance – and access it anytime from anywhere. TurfKeeper offers detailed and granular reporting capabilities to ensure that you will be ready for every meeting you attend.

. Sportsground management at its best

IPOS is a secure client login system integrating all the information you need to manage your sports grounds. Data from all the IPOS Models is presented with trend line graphs, charts, photographs, interactive maps and textual information to assist you in making informed decisions. Models assess turf and surface quality, sports ground risk management, soil structure and nutrition, irrigation efficiency and sports ground usage/capacity. 

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