It’s all about water efficiency

. Irrigronomy where agronomy combines with irrigation

‘The Intelligent Use of Water’ is Rain Bird’s motto, and our association with irrigation consultants, installers and field technicians, helps us provide product and service solutions for all your irrigation system needs. Whether it’s a new irrigation project or upgrades to an older system, our team can work with you at every step to give you greater peace of mind and a successful irrigation outcome.

Delivery of water to turf facilities via irrigation, is often further enhanced with soil and water treatment. Wetting agents, soil penetrants, water treatment products and other product technologies are all potential means of enhancing water use efficiency. This is where the disciplines of Irrigation and Agronomy come together and why it makes sense to include them in the same discussion.

In addition, Living Turf are the national distributor in Australia for Leemco Piping Solutions. Based out of California, Leemco offers a full line of high strength, corrosion resistant, ductile iron fittings, joint restraints, saddles, valves, HDPE plastic products and stainless-steel products. Many of the fittings have unique features that provide long term reliability, efficient installation time and are underpinned with long term warranties.

. New projects

Our irrigation specialists, in collaboration with our agronomy team, golf course architects, irrigation design consultants and irrigation installation companies can deliver best in class, turn-key irrigation projects. Living Turf distributes the world’s best brands and together with our partners, we can work with you to plan and execute new irrigation projects.

. Upgrading existing systems

Successful irrigation system upgrades can be a big undertaking, but you don’t have to manage it alone. When considering your irrigation upgrade, partnering with Living Turf offers benefits with peace of mind and we will help put you on a pathway for success. With concept designs, budget estimates and grant applications, we can deliver the planning and execution of irrigation system upgrades, large and small.

. Irrigation audits

Irrigation system evaluation and system performance is key in understanding the effectiveness and efficiency of the irrigation hardware and is directly linked to turf health. Healthy turf comes from efficient irrigation and at Living Turf we can assess your irrigation system and even test performance. From a basic hardware assessment to a full ‘catch-can’ audit, our team can provide you with an assessment to help you to understand the status of your irrigation system.

Irrigation Audit from Living Turf

. Project support

Living Turf can collaborate with your irrigation contractor and designer towards delivering a successful project. By ensuring training is carried out, communications are aligned and products are installed to the manufacturers specifications, we can increase irrigation system longevity and ongoing efficiency. Support doesn’t stop at the completion of the installation process, Living Turf project support is ongoing and includes the commissioning of a new system, frequent operator training and system maintenance.

. How can we help you?

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