Streamline Your Compliance When Spraying & Spreading

Let myApply help you plan, execute, validate and securely store your on-site spraying and spreading application records.

Living Turf is proud to present myApply, the latest digital tool for turf managers from Turf Forensics. myApply is cloud-based platform, that helps to plan, allocate, execute, and securely store all your spray / spread records, conveniently inside your personal myResults account.

At Living Turf, we’re always seeking ways for our clients to simplify, or improve their turf operations.

Our own experience with Precision Turf (a professional spraying & spreading service for Sportsfields & Urban Green Space), has led to the development of myApply.  Like our clients, we understand how time-consuming and cumbersome it can be to keep accurate, compliant spray records.

Dr Henk Smith (Technical Director at Living Turf) says, “myApply is designed from the ground up for flexibility, control and ultimately compliance.”  “Most turf managers already have a myResults account to access to all their analytical test results, so it makes perfect sense to accommodate their spray record compliance in the same place.”

myApply allows for complete traceability of applications, through the generation of an informative spray record.  Available from your Living Turf sales agronomist, activation of this subscription-based service comes with one-on-one training, from our technical support team.

myApply can help you to:

    • Plan & program treatments, up to 12 months in advance, through the dashboard.
    • Activate approved applications, to Spray technicians, for in-field completion.
    • Verify information, approve, and save spray records.
    • Search your secure log of digital spray records, 24/7.
    • Manage all site details & product information, seamlessly in one place.
    • Mobile device friendly and applicable to all turf venues.

Ask your Living Turf representative how you can save, by bundling myApply with other digital products and services from Turf Forensics.