Awards for Irrigation Excellence

8 February 2023


Winning Formula Rain Bird Living Turf

For the second year running, Living Turf has been recognised at the ‘Rain Bird 2022 International Golf Awards’.

The Living Turf delegation to the GIS (Golf Industry Show) in Orlando, USA, Martin O’Malley, Ryan Feeney and Shane Carman (pictured above) were on hand to collect the following awards.

  1. International Top-Flight Award (back to back).
  2. International Sales Achievement Award Key Project Wins.
  3. International Sales Achievement Award Best Sales Service – Martin O’Malley.

During the awards ceremony, the following information was shared in regards when announcing these wins and we feel both proud and humbled for the acknowledgement.

Top Flight Award
“This distributor has demonstrated a commitment to growing the business, they have invested in people and infrastructure, put in place, and executed a plan and have been successful in winning projects and growing box sales in their market. They communicate effectively with Rain Bird and with their customers and have become a model for a successful distributor. They have an extremely high win rate, working closely with specifiers and maintaining good relationships with contractors. They have grown business consistently for the last 5 years and have delivered a high growth in 2022. Please join me in congratulating Living Turf, the winner of Top Flight Award for 2022.”

Key Project Wins Award
“This distributor set the bar very high for project wins in 2022. They secured some major projects in their territory like, The Vines Resort, Commonwealth Club, Yarra Yarra Golf Club. These wins enhanced Rain Bird’s image in the market and will lead to more big wins in the years to come. Please welcome Living Turf, Australia to collect the Key Project Win award.”

Sales Services Award
“Providing field support and services to our customers is another critical function that our distributors perform. This distributor has made a significant contribution to our customers by supporting them with their installations and being proactive in educating them and troubleshooting any issues that may arise. These actions have led to Rain Bird being the customer’s best choice. Please join me in congratulating Living Turf, New South Wales team represented by Martin O’ Malley for the Best Sales Services Award for 2022.”

These awards recognise the unique partnership, between Living Turf’s ‘Irrigation Specialists & Sales Agronomists’.

This unique blending of turf related expertise, is providing outstanding service for our golf, racing and sports turf customers.

To all our Living Turf irrigation clients, thank you for your support.