. Proactive soil management and water conservation solution

Helping the World’s best Turf Managers and Agriculturalists grow smarter by connecting them to the turf, trees, and crops within their care.

. What Groundworx Offer


Because most golf courses or facilities don’t have a complete picture of how their turf is adapting to changing weather conditions, they have an inconsistent playing surface and water, resources, and money is wasted.

GroundWorx, have built a complete turf management platform that helps superintendents and grounds keepers proactively manage their turf, conserve resources, and develop a beautiful facility.

With GroundWorx you’ll be able to save water, cut costs, and develop a uniform playing surface because you’ll:

– Have a clear picture of the turf across your entire property

– Have pinpoint accurate salinity, temperature, and moisture readings

– Have machine learning and AI that predicts how your turf will react to changing conditions

– Streamline your agronomy team’s operations with an easy to use task- management and on-site communication dashboard

The GX-1A Soil Sensor

Reduce water usage with game-changing soil monitoring sensors.

Stay connected to your turf and your team with an easy to use, alerts platform.

Get a complete picture of your turf with the microweather station.