Fast and Consistent Green Speed, All Year Round

Back in 2001, David Mitchell of Mitchell Products recruited a renowned surfactant chemist, Dr Santi Mane, to help solve a baffling commercial problem.

David was in the sand business, and one of his golf products was a dry top-dressing mix of sand and peat humates, which when kiln dried became incredibly hydrophobic.

Dr Santi solved this problem, and in doing so created her masterpiece – TriCure® – 100% wetting agent active ingredient (no solvents or additives) that is incredibly effective on organic matter and completely safe to turf. TriCure® was subsequently launched to the turf industry and has since become the most renowned treatment for hydrophobic turf dry patch, around the world.
Dr Santi has an impressive resume including: Professor of Plant Physiology, Rutgers University (USA); Researcher at University of Gulph (Canada); Research Director at Aquatrols (USA). During her circa 20-year tenure as Research Director for Mitchell Products, Dr Santi headed product development and with the Mitchell team, formulated a range of products now distributed in professional turf circles, globally.

In chronological order, the products developed by Dr Santi and their team is as follows:

TriCure® – Strongest wetting agent with low application rates and incredibly effective on difficult to wet organic matter. Safe to turf foliage and tender root hairs.

Dewcure® – A plant safe liquid active ingredient, that coats the leaf and prevents moisture adhering to the leaf surface. This is widely used for field sports played at night.

Terreplex® – A lignin based, organic, soil acidifier that is used to neutralize soil bicarbonates and release bound nutrients, recycling them for uptake by turf roots.

Terafirm® – Pulls free water down from the turf surface into the soil profile, reducing the time to achieve field capacity. This faster soil dry-down allows for access to play, carts, and equipment.

Living Turf and Mitchell Products met in 2014 and a relationship quickly formed that was based on technical competence, and an ability to explain complex scientific principles in simple and practical terms. Since then, Living Turf has become one of Mitchell’s leading international distributors, and from our perspective, “we are proud to represent Mitchell’s products, because they always do what they say they will”.

So how does this relate to achieving consistent green speeds? The strategic combination of TriCure® + Terafirm® can optimise golf green speed and uniformity. By combining these two products in one tank mix with different rates and proportions you can get the mix right depending on conditions. In a hot summer you would favour TriCure® over Terafirm® to help Dry Patch and conversely a mix that favours Terafirm® over TriCure® will speed dry down in cold and damp conditions.

The year-round manipulation of this mix optimises the dry down time in conjunction with lateral soil wetting for golf greens, horse racing tracks, field sports and landscapes.